Can Manipulated Be Done At Forex

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Add Date: 11.12.2017
Video Description: Before illuminating this matter ; Simply putting the questions “What is Forex?” And “What is Manipulation?” Will be helpful in terms of our understanding.

Simply answering the questions “What is Forex?” and “What is Manipulation?” will be useful in terms of understanding the subject.
What is Forex ?
Forex in general is the exchange of currencies between countries, and this change is to profit from the difference that comes to the end.

At the 1970s, the forex market emerged result of foreign exchange transaction.

Individual investors, institutions and banks are involved in this market.

Since the market is not connected to a center, it is in constant change and development.

It’s offers to easy accessibility on internet.

You can access from anywhere via your phone or computer, and you can perform your transactions globally for 24 hours a day on weekdays.

You can buying-selling on Forex market through foreign exchange rates as well as through a wide range of mines and commodities such as gold, silver, oil, cotton, wheat, stocks of global companies (Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft etc.).

Forex is a market where you can win big bucks with small bucks.
What is the Manipulated ?
Manipulation is means fraudulent intervention.

The person is out of will.

Misleading people to encourage them to buy or sell market instruments is in the process of making the prices of these instruments shape by unusual means.

Can made manipulation at forex market ?
Forex manipulation is not possible.

Because the Forex market has the largest volume in the world, it is impossible for individuals to be exposed to manipulation.
The transactions you make will be made at the price that is valid all over the world.

When choosing an institution for the secure transaction please be careful
whether they have a trading authorization certificate.

This is important in terms of legal claim for any difficulties that may arise.

Forex began to be audited by the Capital Markets Board in 2011, further increasing confidence in the market.

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