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Add Date: 11.12.2017
Video Description: We want to inform you about what you need to do to earn Bitcoin, which is why it’s still a virtual currency.

We want to emphasize that there are many ways to earn Bitcoin, which has attracted attention with its serious outcome in recent years.

You have a chance to earn Bitcoin by choosing some of these methods.
The challenge of earning Bitcoin every day is making it harder for investors to earn Bitcoin.

In order to earn Bitcoin, which is becoming very difficult to earn every passing day, it is necessary to break the codes called blocks.

However, although many countries still accept Bitcoin as risky currency category, many countries still cause some questions to be raised.

But we want to explain here what you have to do to win Bitcoin, which increases its value day by day on the market.
Select Bitcoin as the payment method
If you are a company that is affiliated with you or you have a business with which you have traded, you have a chance to earn Bitcoin by accepting Bitcoin as the payment method here.

Today, as technology is rapidly advancing, many institutions and organizations are making it possible for Bitcoin to accept Bitcoin as an official payment unit.

It is already explained by financial experts that this currency, which is expected to close soon in the markets, will continue to be acquired this way.

As a way of getting payments for your company, you should definitely set BTC as a payment method and get the chance of becoming a Bitcoin owner who is increasing every day.

For example, on your e-commerce website, you can find Bitcoin sales prospectively by selecting the Bitcoin sales method to receive payments for products and products that you have sold.

It is expected that this figure will increase much more in the following years when we think that 1 Bitcoin is above the 8 thousand dollar bargain nowadays.

You will have a chance to earn Bitcoin by choosing this method today when you are getting harder to earn bitcoin.
Now we want to explain to you the steps you are wondering about how to create payment methods to earn Bitcoin.
You need to find a Bitcoin wallet that will help you hide Bitcoins.

Your customers will receive Bitcoin in this wallet to keep your Bitcoins safe by the very important steps are at the beginning.

At the beginning of the topics you need to look out for is to look carefully at what is the most reliable wallets on the market.

So you can have information on this subject by doing a hard search on the internet.

You can start by getting the most appropriate one according to your budget from these wallets which differ in prices.
You need to create a QR code for the Bitcoin wallet you have designated as payment method after receipt.

You will now receive your payment via QR code and you will have a chance to save it in your Bitcoin wallet account immediately after you have created this code which will work in an integrated manner with your wallet you have already received.

Here is how you earn Bitcoin with the payment method, which is one of the methods of winning Bitcoin.

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