Euro-Dollar Parity May Continue To Fall

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Add Date: 24.12.2017
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Euro / Dollar parity rose yesterday with US Dollar weakening due to negative growth, employment and price data; A positive outlook for the Euro is emerging as the positive consumer sentiment data released in Europe has been positive. However, the fact that separatists in Spain have stronger elections in local elections can put pressure on the pair today. If the core price data announced from the US is expected to be low, it may be on the agenda that the parity rises again with the rising share. However, we anticipate that due to the seasonal conditions and the decreasing volatility, the parity will limit the rise and there is a downward pressure.

Pound-Dollar Parity to Find Direction According to Equity Markets

Yesterday, following the release of growth data from the US that came under expectations, there is a report from the UK this week on growth. If Britain's growth data come out above forecasts, then the upside recovery on the page will come to an end. If it is the opposite, the parity need not fall immediately.

In the short-term, the continued stock market rally may cause the rise in the chart to climb up to 1.34. So if you read the stock market well, you have a chance to see the Sterling-Dollar. Sterling rising parallel to movements in shares is expected to rise if the US dollar's current price quotations exceed expectations. In this case, Sterling will prefer to raise the Dollar. Accordingly, it is useful to set a strategy.

Dollar-Yen Pegged Against Sales

Dollar interest rates continue to trend down, but the uptrend will continue in the coming months as all Dollar interest yield curves go up. In this case, the Dollar-Yen parity can be expected to remain strong. On the other hand, the shares continue to rise with the VIX index remaining low at the same time, causing the Dollar-Yen to continue to rise. In this case, the current situation is that if there is a decrease in the number of purchases, it is more likely to earn money.

Gold Should Not Be Taken Before Stretching

Gold continues to rise at an even lower volatility, as stock markets are trading at low volatility. The most important factor that triggers the rise of gold is that commodity prices are rising in expectation of low dollar interest rates, and at the same time the VIX index is low and horizontal.

As a result, the upwards steady and low volatility rise in gold may not be continuous. In this case, it is more likely that some withdrawal will occur before a possible upward trend occurs. For this reason, it is useful to wait for the withdrawal before making a purchase.

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