Euro-Dollar Parity Stays Under Pressure After Getting Up

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Add Date: 12.02.2018
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The Euro-Dollar parity continues to rise as the Dollar continues to be under pressure. On the other hand, Germany's announcement of the ZEW indices yesterday and consumer confidence was unexpectedly high, causing the euro to rise further.

The PMI data that will be released today from Europe and the US will be the data that the market will follow. At the same time, the impact of tax reform following the closure of government agencies living in the United States and comments on this could be influential on the market.

At this point the Euro-Dollar parity may continue to rise as the Dollar may continue to be under pressure. Although the uptrend has already been realized in the short-term, and is thought to be some backward correction, the medium-term uptrend will continue.

Sterling-Dollar Parity Can Be Sold After Some More Rise

The decrease in the net borrowing requirement of the public sector, which is announced by the UK, represents increasing taxes while the unemployment data also show positive results. This Sterling is causing the Dollar parity to rise. 

Considering the fact that the Euro-Pound is under pressure, this process is not expected to take too long because it is important to note that data from Europe are positive for the euro. Therefore, the fact that the Euro-Sterling parity is likely to rise and the likelihood of a rise in the Dollar index will also cause the Sterling-Dollar parity to rise after a slight rise.

US and Japanese Budget Balance Yen Rise Up

The Dollar-Yen parity is under pressure in a situation where dollar interest rates are withdrawn, the US budget deficits are the subject, and the US and Japan budget balances are compared. Since this is a process that we have already been waiting for, the withdrawal that has taken place so far is quite normal. The unusual VIX index is not rising. For this reason, it is not easy for the yen to continue to appreciate. Heliki The slightest rise in dollar interest rates could be expected to boost the Dollar-Yen parity. For this reason, it may be worthwhile to make purchasing trials on the decline.

Expansion of Gold Expected and then Sold

Gold prices continue to rise, not rising interest rates. This rise is due to purchases made to protect their share positions. It is not so easy to continue the same process in the short run while the geopolitical balances of the world are changing axis by increasing the possibility of gold rise. At this point, open sales tests can be made, but given the increasing volatility of the markets, it is not necessary to test open sales before the $ 1347 level.

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