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Add Date: 14.03.2018
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Euro-Dollar Parity May Decline After Incoming Data from Europe and the US

Inflation data to be released from Germany today and industrial production data to be announced from Europe can be explained with lower expectations than previous data. In such a case, it is possible for the euro to have the opportunity to retreat after the rise of ten. On the other hand, if the retail sales data to be released from the US is slightly higher than expected, the Euro-Dollar parity can be seen with the possible rise of the Dollar.

Sterling-Dollar Parity Retract

Retail sales data from the US will cause the Sterling-Dollar parity to move while there is no data disclosure from the UK. Since movements in the Euro-Sterling parity are also effective in the Sterling-Dollar parity, lower-than-expected releases of data from Germany and Europe may cause Sterling to rise relatively. In this case, even if the Dollar makes a technical bullish move, the probable withdrawals of the Sterling-Dollar parcel may remain relatively limited.

Dollar-Yen Piece Again Resistant to 107

With the dollar rising as commodity prices are on the rise, dollar interest rates have not shown up yet, but today it is possible to make some gains. In this case, the information to be disclosed from the USA is more important. If retail sales data from the US comes over expectations, this will cause Dollar interest rates to rise. On the other hand, the Dollar-Yen parity can be based on the 107 again due to the influence of the Dollar index, which is already expected to make a technical uptrend.

Gold prices may not rise too high

A1321 Gold prices, which clearly denied the dollar level, may decline slightly due to the expected rise in the dollar's performance today. The withdrawal of commodity prices, on the other hand, means that the withdrawals in the securities are relatively limited and the silence of the VIX index indicates that the rise in gold prices is limited today. For this reason, it would be a good strategy to do open sales experiments when gold is approaching $ 1332.

The Rise of Oil Prices Remains Too Limited

The withdrawal of equity markets and, more importantly, oil stocks continue to be on the downside, causing oil to retreat. The continued decline in oil inventories as seen in the US in the past week may require oil to be sold on the rise. On the other hand, it is more and more evident that the petroleum index, which is rising because of the rise of today, will be sold after it is moved upwards.

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