Forex Daily Analysis 19/03/2018

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The uptrend in the stock market, along with the withdrawal in the VIX index, sheds light on the possibility that the Dollar index may be under pressure for a short period of time. However, given the fact that the Dollar index is in a horizontal process, it is not expected that the Euro-Dollar parity will be withdrawn too much. The withdrawal of the parity during the week should be considered as an opportunity for purchase in this context. As a continuation of last week, buyers will accumulate in the weeks to come.

Sterling-Dollar Parity Should Not Fall

The US support for the UK after a secret service crisis last week between Britain and Russia led to a relatively limited depreciation of the sterling against the Dollar and to the euro. The possibility that the Brexit process will continue in a more favorable way with Merkel's government taking over, the pressure on the euro and the favorable picture for the sterling may slow down this week. On the other hand, purchases may start in the horizontal fluctuation process of the Dollar index from this evening onwards. Short narrative buying experiments can be tried.

Dollar-Yen Pair Buying Levels

The fact that the foreign trade balance announced today from Japan is clearly marked today and the continuing rise in Dollar interest rates may cause the Dollar-Yen parity to rise. In this case, it seems appropriate to take it now that parity is thought to give buy-in at levels below 106. It is appropriate to make short-spec purchasing experiments since the VIX index has been withdrawn and horizontal demand has led to a decline in demand for the Yen.

Gold Receiving around 1302 Available

As dollar interest rates continue to rise, the drop in the VIX index leads to a significant increase in gold sales. At this stage it is possible for short-term buyers to become evident as the Dollar index is also under pressure. On the other hand, commodity prices have also started to rise. It is quite tempting to buy gold in retreats as the buyers may start to accumulate in the shares. In the case of a fall to around $ 1302, short-term buying trials can make money.

Appropriate falls for oil purchases Expected

The global economic environment is causing the oil to retreat. It is possible to see upward movements in oil this week as industrial production data from China and other developing countries are frustrating and the Dollar continues to remain under pressure shortly to petroleum demand. It is important to emphasize that the oil that has been rising since the beginning of the week as of this morning has to be bought back. Even so, it would be more appropriate to make purchasing trials after waiting for the bottom of today's bottoms.

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