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Euro-Dollar Parity Can Be Selled On Rise

The Euro-Dollar parity has been in the console since mid-January. This is a key reason why it is a positive economic benefit, both from the United States and from Europe.

On the other hand, it is expected that trade fights will be started by using fiscal policies besides currency battles in the world, as the US has announced that it will apply the same taxes to European goods but Europe can take the same measures.

It is inevitable that the US will be superior because developments on the dollar front will become more pronounced in such a war. If a large part of the world trade is in the hands of the US and the goods are bought and sold with the Dollar; such a war would cause the Dollar to retreat, increase commodity prices and raise the Euro-Dollar parity.

This may be the opposite in a short span, as long as the long span remains valid. We are in a process where the dollar index is rising and positive data from the US comes in nowadays.

On the other hand, as the VIX index falls, the stocks continue to rise. From this point of view, open-market sales may be useful in short-term rise.

Sterling-Dollar Parity Falls Easily

There are no economic data releases from the UK today and no week to be announced. Therefore, the components that will give direction to the Sterling-Dollar parity are; Dollar dynamics, Euro Sterling parity and Brexit developments. Political developments in Europe will influence the Brexit process positively.

The Sterling will be positively affected, especially since Merkel's resumption of domestic politics in Germany will be positive for Brexit, and this will pave the way for the downward movement of the Euro-Sterling.

However, we are in a process where the Dollar index is also going to rise, and the possible rise of the GBP-P / S during the week will be very short. Rising on the board is troublesome, falls are easy.

Dollar-Yen Parity can be bought

The Dollar-Yen parity is expected to rise when dollar-denominated interest rates remain strong, and the rise in the VIX index, which is the backdrop of rising interest rates, coexists. This may be the case this week after consolidating itself in the last week.

That is, the Dollar-Yen may move upwards. For this to happen, it is sufficient that there is no negative news flow from the US and the data released from Japan are within expectations or worse than expectations. For this reason, it may be a good strategy to make purchasing trials in retreats.

Will Determine the Dollars and Commodity Gold Prices

Gold prices fell to the level of $ 1312 as we entered the end of the week, as the unemployment data from the US, which had a positive impact on the dollar. However, incoming employment data showed inconsistency with the employment sub-items of other data that were explained earlier. This situation disappointed and the gold rose quickly and closed the session.

When we arrive today, we think that gold prices will find direction depending on how commodity prices will affect the Dollar. If commodity prices decline with the rise of the Dollar, then a limited rise in gold prices is expected. But if commodity prices are rising and the Dollar is going to appreciate, then you should not really trust the rise of gold.

Oil Prices Can Rise Up

The continuous increase in oil inventories and the fact that the economic data from China and other countries of the world have decreased in demand for petroleum shows that the recent upsurge in oil will be difficult to continue. It may not be so easy for the oil to continue to appreciate in this context when the dollar is in a predominantly anticipated environment. If other factors mentioned above are to be included in the assessment, the general rise of oil in this week is the opportunity for sale.

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