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Euro-Dollar Parity

We have seen positive data from both sides when compared with the economic announcements from Europe and those from the USA. However, when the US evaluates the ongoing political developments in the US, the US will enter the competition with China, and this competition will not be based on monetary policies but rather on government-dependent fiscal policies, not on the rise of the dollar but on the downside. If the US fiscal policy is followed by a monetary policy, the dollar's interest rates will rise for the US, but the rise in dollar interest rates will not assess the dollar as everyone thinks. If the US's fiscal and monetary policy are evaluated together, it will result in an increase in US budget deficits, which will cause even the credit rating of the US to fall. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that the dollar index is now down in the long run. This is not the case today. After the yesterday's withdrawal, the Dollar may rise today. And for this reason, it would be appropriate to do open sales experiments around 1.24 after waiting for the parity to rise.

Sterling-Dollar Parity

The GBP / USD continued to remain strong as the Euro-Sterling component continued to decline, while the pair continued to rise as yesterday's S $ index of the US Dollar declined. The positive sentiment of economic data from the UK supports the horizontal movement of the parity. However, the Dollar's continued decline in recent times shows that this process supports the rise in the Sterling-Dollar parity. However, this process can be stopped nowadays. The fact that the Dollar's fall could leave its place in short-term bullion makes it necessary to sell the sterling-dollar parcel on the rise.

Dollar-Yen Parity

A sharp rise in the VIX index as dollar interest rates tends to fall and the Dollar is revealing the withdrawal of the yen parity. On the other hand, obviously no one speaks so much these days, but the current monetary and fiscal policy of the US is developing to cause the cocktail US deficits to increase. The Dollar-Yen is also under pressure in the short-term when it is a situation that supports the Dollar's fall. At this stage, the upside reaction to the pair may be seen, so purchases can be made in the downward direction, but even further, it is difficult for the parity to continue to rise.


Gold prices; rising VIX continues to rise due to rising oil and increasing uncertainty. It is normal for the gold price to continue its uptrend following the Fed's decision to raise interest three times rather than four. Beyond that, if this process creates a momentum, it can continue up to the level of 1360 dollars. In addition, gold prices may continue to move upwards as dollar moves on the dollar have stopped and some withdrawal is taking place these days. Only technical remedies can be earned from short-selling positions. In this case, making money by selling gold in a short time should be spread. We should also underline that this is risky. It may be considered less risky to take gold in the downs.


The US's declining petroleum inventories and the falling Dollar index have led to the rise of oil, while petroleum has gained value due to increased geopolitical risks. Since the war in Syria is possible to go north of Iraq, the rise of oil is normal, but the economic events do not explain the rise of oil. For this reason, rising oil prices in the current session may open sales opportunities.

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