Forex Weekly Analysis 3/01 - 8/01

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Add Date: 03.01.2018
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As the week begins and the week begins, we continue to see that the Euro Dollar parity has risen as the continuation of the past week. It is possible that the parity which is higher than 1.20 dollar level in the morning hours can be increased a little later. PMI data released today from Europe and the US may have an impact on the parity, but I believe that the data will be more closely influenced by the data released tomorrow. Unemployment figures from Germany, ISM data from the US and 'minutes of the Fed's December interest meeting' will shed light on the near future. Therefore, tomorrow and before the parity will rise a little more then stop rising, tomorrow before the data will be withdrawn.

Sterlin / Dollar 

The pressure on the sterling may increase. Although the pound has been hawkish in recent days, it is likely that the technical correction expected of the Dollar is likely to be more pronounced on sterling. The loss of Merkel's popularity in Europe and May's loss of popularity in Britain due to Brexite may cause the Euro Sterling to shrink and prevent the relative decline of the Sterling. The above scenario is possible unless the PMI data from the UK today is very different from the previous one.

Yen / Dollar

There are not many economic data to be released from Japan these days. However, it is possible for the Dollar-Yen parity to be under some pressure due to the VIX index, which does not push up with a sudden rise in the week. On the other hand, the fact that Dollar interest rates have not risen but will be able to rise in a short time causes the possible retreats that can be realized today to be taken as an opportunity to buy. Therefore, if economic data to be disclosed from the US cannot be printed too much on Dollar rates, it will be a good strategy to make purchasing tests at declining prices. However, it is still necessary to wait for the PMI data to be released tomorrow from the US and the minutes of the Fed's interest rate meeting in December.


The slowdown in interest rates as dollar rates are rising and the fact that the Fed may not want to raise interest rates too much may cause gold prices to rise, but the real issue is that the increases in commodity prices are already underpinning the bottom line. This year, commodity prices will be higher than last year. This will cause the gold to move towards the $ 1460 target in the coming period. A sudden rise in the VIX index while the stock market is at the highest levels will cause gold to be supported these days. In this case, it seems reasonable to take gold in short-term withdrawals.

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