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Add Date: 11.12.2017
Video Description: What is FOREX?

FOREX is made up of the words “Foreign Exchange” and is used as an abbreviation containing the initials of these two words.

To describe the globally accepted general definition of Forex, it is necessary to “change the currency of one country to the currency of another country in the international market”.

In Turkey, this process is also known as “Leveraged Buying and Selling”

Winning in Forex

It is possible to earn money in Forex, but this result is based on the triangle of education, knowledge and experience.

As in every business branch, forex has rules as well.

I share with you the 10 gold rules of earning with Forex, but it is also highly beneficial to participate in online trainings and seminars that you can get out of your home.

Let’s go with my 10 golden rule titles;

• Know yourselves and set your boundaries.
• Your Psychology Always Ready for the Market
• Fully Know the Market
• Improve Your Ability to Analyze and Interpret
• Specify Coverage
• Always Online
• Move with your mind, not with sensations.
• Make sure you are in position
• Use the Leverage Feature with the Right Shape
• Take notes continuously

Forex Strategies

In order to determine the strategy, it is necessary to define and follow how Forex works and know the market very well.

Due to the fact that it is a lively market, it is a great advantage to be constantly on-screen (online) to determine the strategy.

There are very different investors in the psychology that are active in the market and different strategies are formed due to this reason.
This market is also a market where you are totally connected to you and you are developing and making profit with your breakthroughs.

Once you’ve gotten into the market, you have to build your own strategy and trust it and be determined.

Do not move with sensations.

Your mind is not taking your strategy where you want, or something is going wrong, you need to reassess your data and create a new strategy.
In this sense, I do not want to share a strategy that can set an example with you.

I want to emphasize that everyone should trust their investor thinking that their strategy is unique.

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