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Add Date: 19.12.2017
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JP Morgan Chase, known as one of the largest banks in the world, continues to have a positive trend outlook that it launched on June 26, 2016.

The share price accompanying the rally of the US stock market rallied attention with a positive performance of approximately 89% in the last one and a half years (57 points on the rising trend starting from June 2016 and 108 levels as the peak). When we evaluated this year's performance had about 32% positive pricing behavior. (Based on 2017 lowest level 52, highest level 108.00)

The fact that oscillators (such as RSI, MACD) included in the overbought territory after the positive view recorded in the last one and a half years is on the agenda of reaction to share price. In addition, the US stock market's revision expectation for the new YEPA strengthens the idea of retreating to the share price. However, there is a need for a response to strong trends, and it should not overlook that trend followers are important because possible retreats are the rising trend.

Technically, the support point of 96.15 representing the bottom of the uptrend is a significant level in the medium-long term outlook for JP Morgan's share price.

As long as the stock price continues to stay in the relevant region, it may want to continue its trend view. With this structure of thought, the latest peak can be observed to be 113,50, especially in the 108,23 barriers and 118,49 levels representing 100% of the Fibonacci Expansion. The 118,49 level is also increasing its importance as a trend high point. In particular, the persistent movements above 108,23 may allow the concerned outputs to take on a more willing role. Otherwise, the in-trend response may draw attention to the thought.

Can JP Morgan share price move upwards in the uptrend? In response to the question, in addition to the 108.23 level, Fibonacci Expansion can also follow 104.39 representing 61.8%. If the share price can only generate permanent movement below 104.39, the agenda for thinking about in-trend response may be busy.

Such breaks may be noted for support 99, 56 and trend bottom 96.15. However, it should not forget that the main outlook is positive on 96.15 even if this kind of retreat observed.

Do the sales of the reaction stand out in the new process of thinking? When we evaluate the indicators in response to the question, the opening of the Parabolic Sar lines in the last period supports a positive view. In addition to this, although the histograms (green candles) located on the trigger line (signal line - red line), the presence of the histograms above the previous ones weakens the reaction though.

In summary: JP Morgan, whose positive outlook on the support spot at 96.15 is on the frontline, points to the in-trend response in the stock price, 108.23 and 104.39 in response to the question.

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