Pound-Dollar Parity Can Be Sold When It's Rising

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Add Date: 10.03.2018
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The European Central Bank's interest policy may cause the euro to withdraw, as Europe will tax the US goods as well as the US will respond in the same way. Although this situation requires short-term pressure on the Euro, it is expected that the Euro-Dollar parity will form an upturn in the long run from now on because the Dollar is more in the world and the expectation of the increase in commodity prices is increasing. In the short term, open sales positions can make money on the rise.

Pound-Dollar Parity Can Be Sold When It's Rising

The fact that the stock market is in the console and there is no medium-term profit realization, the formation of the stocks in these stocks raises the risk. In this case, the Sterling-Dollar pair may rise. However, there is still limited movement in the medium-term rise of the Sterling-Dollar parity as the uptrend of the Euro-Sterling parity is likely to continue. In the short valley; for example, today, it is quite likely that parity will continue to be under pressure. For this reason, it may be necessary to pursue sales and open sales experiments for today.

Dollar-Yen Parity can be bought closer to 106.20

The rise in dollar interest rates helped the Dollar-Yen parity rise, while at the same time the falling risk indices support the upward movement of the Dollar-Yen parity. In this case, it is possible to say that the Dollar-Yen parity will force the 107 levels from today. In today's session, a buy-out position that can be opened in case of a level of 106.20 can make money.

Gold may Lose Value After a Short Time

Dollar rallies rising during yesterday's session caused gold prices to be under pressure. On the other hand, the decline in fear indices and the further depreciation of the Yen may cause gold prices to remain under pressure these days. It seems possible to see withdrawals up to the level of $ 1302 if the support breaks because this pressure continues insistently. However, since buying positions generally make easier money, it is useful to consider these possible withdrawals as a purchase opportunity. He must wait for his fall first and then buy it.

Oil May Lose Value

The dollar's appreciation and low inflation figures announced by China indicate that oil demand may not rise in the near future, while persistently rising petroleum inventories continue to rise. From this point of view, it may be expected that the price of $ 58 may be seen when the petrol retreats continue for a while. This, though not immediately today, appears to be in general that oil will do this kind of movement in a week's time. In this case, it may be profitable to sell on the rise. It is safer to participate in the market by making frequent transactions in less profitable and less harmful positions.

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