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Add Date: 18.12.2017
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Tesla ended its negative outlook with a positive split from US indices following its uptrend, which started in the week of December 8, in the second week. In addition to the print seen in the US $ 390 area, the declines that came with the weak balance sheet statement caused the stock price to see $ 292.

According to US press reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the company is working on an artificial intelligence software developed by the company itself. Musk explained it at a session in California. According to the report, Musk said that the software could be the best up until now. Artificial intelligence is of great importance in the automotive sector, especially in the development of driverless vehicle use.

In the course of leaving behind the stock price, 34 (blue) and 55 (red) periods were under the pressure of exponential moving averages and succeeded to overcome the following two-week marathon.

In the upcoming period, pricing may be in the region of 320.00 - 331.40 supported by the averages, and as long as the upside expectation is on the upside. While it is possible to target 350.00 and 370.00 levels in the upcoming developments, the 389.00 level can be particularly noticeable as a critical barrier.

Possible declines may create new potential for as long as the average zone is limited. Therefore, it may be necessary to see the movement below 320.00 and preferably the daily closure in the region in order for the drop request to remain effective from this stage. In this case, the levels of 308.00 and 292.00 may come on the agenda.

Relative Power Index The approach of the RSI to 70 barriers alone may not make sense. Continuing to stay close to this region should be followed carefully as it may constitute a base for the formation of a potential trend. In the case of possible movements below the moving average, the attitude of the 70 level can follow.

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