Which Will I Use Investment Tools?

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Video Description: For investors who determine the profile of the investor and the risk group, what investment products will deal with becomes simpler. Today, investment tools increased in financial markets. In addition to the old traditional investment instruments, the number of investment instruments increased with the development of derivative markets in recent years. Among the investment instruments, hundreds of financial instruments stand as an option for investors. We rank the main investment instruments;

Stock -Bond-Liquid Fund, Repo, Deposit

Investors who prefer a low-risk appetite, a high age profile and a long-term investment often prefer fixed income securities such as Government Bonds and Bills. These papers are highly reliable because they exported by the state treasury. Private Sector borrowing papers, which have a slightly higher interest income, are also the top investment instruments preferred by long-term investors. Short term papers such as liquid funds, repo, and deposits are among the preferred investment instruments in order to protect the value of savings against inflation.


The Stock Market is one of the important investments that has been transforming the savings of large masses into medium and long-term investments for many years. You can become a partner in your company by investing in more than 500 companies in Istanbul Stock Exchange. You can benefit from the shares of the companies and the shares.

Futures and Option Market

The Futures and Options Market, known as VOIP, is a market where many investors perform speculative, hedging and arbitrage transactions. Risk appetite is higher than in the stock market because the investor first meets with the leveraged trading products in this market. As a result of rapid price changes, investors carry out risk protection transactions in a wide range of products.


With Forex, a very popular investment tool in recent years, you can open up to world markets. It is possible to make products like Currency Pairs, Commodities, stock market indexes with low money by the effect of high leverage in the market where the pledge is 1: 100 before February 2017. Although the leverage ratio reduced to 1:10 due to the recent legislation of the CMB, it is at the top of the most popular investment instruments of the investor, whose risk appetite is still high.

Derivative Products

Derivatives derived from a foreign currency, commodity, and commodities subject to world trade and traded on the OTC - Treasury transaction or organized futures and options markets are for investors with a high level of knowledge in financial markets. This group, which includes Parity, Commodities, Stock Indexes, ETFs and Foreign Stocks, is one of the most preferred investment instruments of investors who want to get a high-risk high return. With derivative product contracts, investors can be excited to become investors globally.

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